Monday, August 20, 2007

Our Story So Far......

The day after Steve and I were married, we traveled from our small home town in northern Michigan to the middle of the Mohave Desert in California. This is not only where we spent our honeymoon, but also the next two and a half years of our lives. Well at least I did. Steve, who is a Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, deployed for six months to Okinawa, Japan two months after we arrived. Six months after his return, he deployed again, this time for a seven months tour in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After what seemed like the longest seven months of my life, Steve finally returned home safely, along with the rest of the battery.
Before his second depolyment, Steve and I brought home the most wonderful addition to our family! Her name is Abby and she is the most beautiful and loving dog anyone could ask for (at least in my eyes). She has been my workout partner, my guard dog, my shadow, my friend, and my sanity for the last few years.
Steve and I are about to start a new chapter of or lives as he has just accepted the position of Officer Selection Office (OSO) in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is a non-deployable, three year commitment where he will be recruiting college graduates to become Marine Corps officers. This means we had to leave our houme in 29 Palms. There is a well known saying that Marine Corps wives cry upon entering 29 Palms and upon leaving. Although I didn't cry when we arrived (even though it was a very small, hot, desolate town I was just happy that Steve and I would be starting our live together) I did cry as we pulled away from the base for the final time. It wasn't because I would miss the 12o degree summers, the base housing, the lack of civilization, or the lonely nights while Steve was gone. It was because I would miss the other wives, all of whom were in the same situation, and had truly become my family. I will never forget these strong, brave women and the support and strength they have given me.
In addition to our big move and Steve's new job, we recently found out that we are pregnant! Our addition is expected in early March, and we couldn't be more excited! Steve and I feel so fortunate for all the blessings we have in our lives, and we are so excited to share them with you; our family and friends!