Friday, June 12, 2009

Reagan is 15 Months Old!

We had Reagan's 15 month check up yesterday, and other than the fact that she is cutting 4 molars, everything looks good. She is 31 inches tall (over half of my height already) and 22 pounds. This puts her in the 50th percentile for weight and the 75th percentile for height. She is saying several words now including, mama, dada, that, and yes. And she knows the signs for please, thank you, more, and all done. She has been doing Please a lot as she realizes that it usually get her what she wants :) She is no dumby! Although she is not saying many words yet, she understands pretty much everything we say and she will point to her belly, her nose, her head and her toes when asked where each is. She has also figured out how to open all the doors in the house so it is a constant challenge to keep her from going outside. We now keep the doors locked at all times :) One of my favorite things that Reagan does is give kisses. It is so sweet. Sometimes she does it when asked, but often she will just lean in and kiss us out of the blue! She also loves to give
Abby kisses. It is a good thing Abby is so tolerant!
Last weekend Michael and Kinsey came over for a visit, and it was so much fun to watch the girls play together. They are exactly 2 years apart in age so they don't play together as well as Lilly and Reagan did, but they still had a good time. We took them to the park and to the pool. Kinsey is so comfortable in the water. Reagan is getting there. Starting next week we have 2 weeks of swimming lessons so that should help. We also went with Kim, Lincoln, and Kim's mom to a park here in Charlotte that had a petting zoo, and play ground, and a carousal. Reagan and Lincoln had a great time running around and they were both sound asleep in their carseats minutes after we were on the road.
So the heat of summer has hit the Carolinas, and now our challenge is to stay busy without being able to go outside much (or at least in the middle of the day). But we are starting up a new Romp n' Roll Art Class, the morning swim lessons, and she is starting to like coloring and occasionally watching cartoons, so we will get by :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Visit To Rachel and Lilly's in Utah

Reagan and I recently spent a week in Salt Lake City, Utah visiting my best friend Rachel, and her beautiful two year old daughter, Lilly. I was so nervous about flying across the country with my little girl who doesn't sit still for two seconds, but she actually surprised me and did really well on the flights (thank God for portable DVD players and patient passengers). But it was so worth it to be able to see Rachel and Lilly (it had been over a year) and to have them meet Reagan! Reagan and Lilly hit it off right away and were inseperable for the whole visit. It was so cute to see them play together and interact! I know they will be life long friends, but I just wish we lived closer! Rachel is an amazing mom, and Lilly is the most well behaved and polite two year old I have ever met! I got lots of tips and advice from Rach and I'm hoping Reagan will also have a very mild case of the terrible twos. During our visit, we went on a hike in the beautiful mountains of Utah, went to Rachel's gym several times, went shopping, went out to eat, Rachel and I got pedicures, and we all got lots of quality play time together! It couldn't have been a better vacation! We miss you already, Rachel and Lilly, and we can't wait to see you again!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Little Miss Congeniality

Reagan has to be one of the most friendly one year olds I have ever seen! Her new thing is that she waves at everyone! It is really very cute. In the grocery store, she waves at everyone that walks by until they notice her and wave back, when we are outside, she waves at evey car that goes by and even sometimes to planes that fly by, when the camera comes out she waves, when a babysitter comes, she happily waves goodbye to me, and when I put her down in her crib for naps and for bed at night she waves goodbye as I close the door. It is so sweet. It is also fun to see the reactions of total strangers who can't help but smile when they see her little smiling face and that cute little flick of the wrist that she does. I can only hope that Reagan will remain so friendly and care free as she gets older.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Little Miss Busy

I think I'm going to have to start censoring Reagan's reading material! She is getting too many ideas :) Actually, I think this book was written with her in mind! The funny thing is, I snapped this picture as quickly as I could because she only sits in her chair for a few seconds at a time (she prefers to stand in it, push it around the room, and try to tip it over). During her wakeful hours she does not slow down for a second! She loves to be outside now that it is nice out, and rarely is she content anymore in our "caged in" livingroom. I wish I could just borrow a little of her energy sometimes :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Uncle Andrew and Aunt Niki's Visit

It was so nice to have Andrew and Niki here for a long weekend. They came at a tough time though, because I had just finished weaning Reagan (which caused her to be very fussy and clingy to me) and she was having a reaction to her one year vaccines. But, with that being said, she was still in pretty good spirits and she just loves her Uncle Andrew and Aunt Niki! Steve and Andrew even babysat one afternoon so that Niki and I could go out to lunch with Karly and go to get pedicures! The boys survived even though Reagan decided to have one of her biggest dirty diapers ever :) Andrew even rocked Reagan to sleep one night! I know that he and Niki will be great parents one day! Preceeding Andrew and Niki's visit, my mom had been here for three weeks and it was so nice for us all to have some Grandma time. Mike and Kinsey also came to visit for a weekend and we celebrated Kinsey's third birthday. It is always fun to see Kinsey and Reagan interact and play! But for the moment, all of our company is gone and Steve is also out of town for the week so it is pretty quiet around here. When I bring Reagan down from a nap she is always looking around for her audience, but to her dismay, it is just Abby and me. She also has a pretty bad cold at the moment and because of it we have had to miss Romp n Roll and going to the gym this week. This makes things tough because she hates being cooped up in the house (as do I). But yesterday I got her a brush (as her hair is getting quite long and tangled) and we spent a great deal of time brushing each others hair. It was so cute! She loves brushing my hair....and I love having my hair brushed, so it works out well. I will have to be creative today as it is another rainy day and we will be spending a great deal of time inside. But Grandma Denise, Aunt Kate and Kim are coming to visit on Friday for the week, so we are really looking forward to that!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Romp N Roll Birthday Party

Reagan and I have been part of a play group since she was 4 months old. There are 10 babies in it, and they are all around the same age. So we decided to have a group first birthday party for them at Romp N Roll. It was so much fun! All of the families came, and one of the other moms made cupcakes so each baby had their own! Grandma Barb and Aunt Karly came too, and it was so great to have them there. Romp N Roll is the perfect place for a birthday party! Everyone had a great time!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy First Birthday Little Sunshine!

Reagan turned 1 on March 11th! I can't believe it has been a year already! I would say that she had a very happy, fun filled first birthday. We started the day by going to the gym (she now loves the gym child watch so she had a great time). When we got home, her best friend, Lincoln came over to play and test out her new chair (one of her many birthday presents). Then after a nice long nap Daddy came home from his weekly trip (a day early- just for her birthday), Aunt Karly came over with her boyfriend, Mike and Grandma Barb made an awesome dinner for everyone. Then Reagan got to dig in to her very own birthday cake. She was very unsure at first, but after she sampled the frosting, she stuck both hands in and smeared it all over her face. Steve tried to demonstrate how to eat it but I think she would rather wear it. The best part was we had Grandma Denise, Aunt Cate, Uncle Andrew, and Aunt Niki on the webcam so they all got to see Reagan's first incounter with sugar! But even with all that sugar she was still in bed sound asleep by little angle! Happy Birthday Sweetheart! I love you!
We are having a party for all of the babies in our playgroup at Romp n Roll this weekend so I will definitely post some pictures after that. I can only hope that all the rest of the years of her life don't go by this fast!