Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We are Getting Closer!!!

I've had a lot of requests for a belly shot, so here it is! We are 32 weeks along and anxiously counting down every day until Reagan's arrival! Steve put the crib together several weeks ago, and I have been reading every baby book I can get my hands on, so hopefully we will be prepared! We even made a practice run to the hospital where I will be delivering. It is about 30 minutes away (without traffic), but the delivery rooms are very nice. I have OB appointments every two weeks now, and the doctor says the baby's heart beat is strong and regular and she is growing normally. We also just met with our pediatrician and she seems wonderful! So everything seems to be falling into place!

So Happy to See My Twentynine Palms Girls!

This weekend I was so surprised and happy to spend time with some great friends that I have missed so much. First, Allie called last week and said she and her dog, Ava (Abby's best friend) were going to come and visit for a few days! I was so excited, as I haven't seen Allie since leaving 29 Palms. We had a great time shopping, going to the movies, and playing with the dogs. Friday, Karly asked us to go to the airport to pick up one of here friends who was coming to visit. As I am searching the baggage claim for a "blonde haired tall girl" Rachel strolls up to me with Lilly!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! What a wonderful surprise! And Steve, Karly, and Rachel had been planning and keeping this a secret since November! Then, to top it all off, Karly, Rachel, Allie, and Lilly took me out to lunch on Saturday and we had a mini shower in the restaurant. It was so much fun and so thoughtful. I am so lucky to have the best sister and friends anyone could ask for! I can't believe how fast Lilly is growing! She will be a year old on February first. It seems like only yesterday I was in the delivery room with Rachel! This weekend I got to see her paint her first piece of pottery, take a bath in the sink, and witness first hand what a wonderful mother Rachel is! She is definitely one of my role models!

Monday, January 14, 2008


We were so happy to have both Moms, Cate, Karly, Aunt Jeanne, Uncle John, Michael, Beth, Kinsey, and Brandi at our new home for Thanksgiving!  We all had a great time preparing and eating the meal and just spending time together!