Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reagan's first trip to the park

Reagan and I went to the park today with our friends Kim and Lincoln. Reagan loves the swings! She would giggle every time I would push her. She just loves the wind in her hair. The weather is so beautiful here in NC this time of year, so we spend as much time as we can outside. Reagan has been such a sweet, happy baby lately! She is just a joy to be around. Her diet now consists of sweet potatoes, squash, sweet peas, apples, bananas, avocado, and beans. She seems to like everything she has tried. As soon as she swallows a bite, she opens her little mouth like a birdy for more. It is so cute :) And because she is so mobile and also FEARLESS she has had several spills that I haven't been able to prevent (as can be seen in the picture of her with the big black and blue bruise on her head- needless to say, we now have a down comforter covering our coffee table to prevent that from happening again). But she is very tough, and always gets back up to do it again.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe she is pulling up! Only a few more months till you visit! YAY!!!!!!

Mike and Erica said...

Man, I remember the bruises...I think A & K got fat bloody lips just about everyday from falling and running into stuff. Reagan is soo cute! I love the pics.