Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We Love Grandparents!

Even though we were only home for a few days it was so nice for Reagan to be able to spend some time with all of her grandparents. We stayed with my mom, and she has made my old bedroom into a cute little nursery! Reagan slept in the crib that both Karly and I used as babies and she was very spoiled by Grandma Barb. We visited with Grandma Denise and Aunt Cate, and Reagan got to try out the same walker that Steve had used as a baby! Also, for the second time in Reagan's short life she peed on Aunt Cate as she was putting her in the bath tub :) It is a good thing Cate is such a good sport. Reagan got to spend some time with Grandpa Cap out at the Ranch. And now that we are back home, Grandpa Bob and Grandma Margy are here visiting for a week, and Reagan is just loving all the attention!

Andrew and Niki's Wedding

Steve, Reagan, and I had a wonderful trip back to Michigan for Andrew and Niki's wedding! It is not as easy to fly with Reagan any more now that she is so mobile, but once the planes took off she would eventually fall asleep, so things went well. The wedding was beautiful! It was in Gaylord, MI and the fall colors were perfect! Andrew and Niki are just so perfect for each other and it was so great to see them both so happy! Steve, Reagan, and I were all in the wedding, so it was a pretty busy weekend. My mom also came, and was a huge help! Reagan was an adorable little flower girl, and she and Niki's 9 month old nephew rode down the isle in a wagon. I was so nervous that she would be screaming the whole way down or decide to jump ship half way, but she stayed in and was in good spirits, so needless to say, they were both a hit! Reagan and I stayed in Michigan a few days after Steve left to go back to work. As always, it wasn't long enough, but it was nice to spend a little time with both sets of grandparents.

Hangin' with Dad

Reagan loves to go to the park down the street. She loves to swing and slide, but when Steve takes her, it always turns into more of a workout. As you can see, Dad loves to cheer her on as she practices her pullups :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Reagan is 7 Months Old!

Reagan is 7 months old today, and with this special day also came her first tooth. Her right bottom tooth is just starting to pop through, and as uncomfortable as she must be, she hasn't been too fussy or abnormal. In addition to her first tooth, she also has a little bit of a black eye from bumping into her exersauser while trying to pull up for the hundredth time that day. It must look worse than it is because she only cried for a brief second and then went right back to pulling up. I just hope it is gone by next week for Andrew and Niki's wedding :) She is actually going to be in the wedding and will be pulled down the isle in a wagon along with Niki's 9 month old nephew, Keagan. We will be flying home next week and I am pretty nervous because this will be her first time flying now that she is so mobile. She doesn't sit still for a second, so it will be interesting to see how she does on my lap for an hour and a half. But it will definitely be worth it for us to see our family and for them to see Reagan. Lately she has been enjoying spending time playing in her highchair. Play sessions usually consist of her throwing all of her toys on the floor and me picking them up for her to do it again. She doesn't stay in there for too long because again, she hates to be contained! She has been going to bed pretty regularly at 7pm and as sad as it is to admit, I am never far behind!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reagan's first trip to the park

Reagan and I went to the park today with our friends Kim and Lincoln. Reagan loves the swings! She would giggle every time I would push her. She just loves the wind in her hair. The weather is so beautiful here in NC this time of year, so we spend as much time as we can outside. Reagan has been such a sweet, happy baby lately! She is just a joy to be around. Her diet now consists of sweet potatoes, squash, sweet peas, apples, bananas, avocado, and beans. She seems to like everything she has tried. As soon as she swallows a bite, she opens her little mouth like a birdy for more. It is so cute :) And because she is so mobile and also FEARLESS she has had several spills that I haven't been able to prevent (as can be seen in the picture of her with the big black and blue bruise on her head- needless to say, we now have a down comforter covering our coffee table to prevent that from happening again). But she is very tough, and always gets back up to do it again.