Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And the Baby Proofing Begins!

As of August 31st, Reagan is crawling. She has been so close for several weeks now, but just the other night, I set her down to get her bath ready, and when I looked down she was slowly making her way toward me. It was so cute to see that she finally figured out how to pick up one arm and balance on the other. She is still pretty shaky, but every day she gets a little more confident. My first reaction was pure excitement as I watched her accomplish something I'd seen her try so hard to figure out, but now, I'm a little sad as it serves as a clear indication of just how fast she is growing up. I know this is just one of many many more milestones to come, but a part of me just wants to keep her at this stage forever. She has also learned to make raspberries with her lips and it is so funny. It just cracks her up! Her favorite time to do it is when I am feeding her her rice cereal, so she essentially spits it all over me! She finds that hilarious as well! What a girl!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!!!!! How amazing! I can't wait to see y'all again.

Mike and Erica said...

So adorable!! One day you will miss when she wasn't mobile!! hahahaha